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Slower, but still great. - 85%

ABHORRED, December 24th, 2003

Well, this album may not be as "unrelenting" as it's predecessor, but it's certainly packed with enough diverse riffs to keep even the most casual fan of this genre interested. Full on Tech-Thrash ala Coroner is hard to come by on "Weave The Apocalypse", The songs are more akin to the likes of a more "groove" oriented Atheist. Conventional Thrash is evenly dispersed throughout 30 second to 1 minute intervals, with the occasional breakdown.

Invocator's mission here was not to astound the listener with blazing speed, but to make them really LISTEN. There's so much on this record to be taken in, I found it hard to do after only a few spins. Certain songs did stick out initially as favorites, though. Two of them being "Doomed To Be" and "Land Of Misery"

The clear and stout production really helps out the cause of this album tremendously, as every note by every instrument can be heard perfectly without any sort of interference from others. However, if I had to say one instrument was dominant in the mix, it would be the drums. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, because the drums are beaten with masterful precision by.... Well, if I could find their names anywhere in the CD insert, I'd tell you. Whoever he is, he's very good. If you really care that much, look on the biography page.

Bottom line: Great album, just a bit long at over 50 minutes.