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Good for what it is... - 78%

Desecrator_666, May 3rd, 2008

I will forget, while I write this review, that this is the same band that released that hell out of an album entitled "Excursion Demise", and I will avoid any comparison with that masterpiece (if I were to do that, I won't give this one a higher score than 20). This, on its own, is a very good album for the standards of modern thrash. Better than your newest Exodus, Overkill, Megadeth, maybe Kreator (Enemy of God isn't that bad, though).

I only have 3 problems with this. The first one is the production. Just like most modern thrash releases, it feels a bit overproduced, thus you have the feeling that it sounds watered down. It lacks the raw agression of 80's thrash metal. But you might consider it as a good thing though, depends on your taste, I guess. The other thing that bothers me in this albums is the vocal delivery. At times it's so clean and lacks any sign of agression that it sounds just like Trivium, especially in the choruses, where the backing vocals sound really gay. The third, and the one that didn't surprise me at all, is the bass, which is hidden during almost the entire album, but I guess that if you like modern metal it won't bother you.

Now, the good things. Good riffs. But I mean REALLY good riffs. And the guitars are not extremely dowtuned to sound "mOAr MeTHuL, LOLOL!!1!". For example, the main riff of "Infatuated I am" is one of the better I've heard in recent thrash releases, and so is the main riff of "There is no Saviour". The solos are not the best you'll ever listen, but that doesn't mean that they're bad. The drumming is pretty good too. It manages to be good either if the song is fast (like Infatuated I am, for example) or slow (well, slow in the context of the album, like Flick it on).

Check them out if you like modern thrash, or want some good recent metal. Fans of early Invocator, I wouldn't really recommend you this.