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A Preview Of What's To Come - 90%

grain_silo, July 8th, 2011

I was very interested in getting Invocator’s demos because I heard “Excursion Demise” and I heard “Weave the Apocalypse”. I noticed the difference between these two releases and wondered what their demos sounded like. I was not surprised by what I heard. Death/thrash just like on “Excursion Demise” but more emphasis on the thrash.

First off, one thing I noticed that was absent from “Excursion Demise” that is present on this demo is gang vocals. Also, the vocals on this demo are different from their debut. They are still the raspy death/thrash vocals but they sound meaner on this demo. Almost like David Vincent off “Altars of Madness” mixed with Jeff Walker from Carcass. He is able to deliver his vocals fast enough to keep up with the music, which is extremely fast just like “Excursion Demise”.

The production is very good considering it’s a demo. Usually when I think of a demo, I usually think terrible production, but this completely destroyed that thought. Everything sounds pretty good. The drums are loud, the guitars are heavy, the bass is kind of quiet but still there and the vocals are perfect. The production is as good as “Excursion Demise”. It sounds heavier and not as thin as the debut.

None of the songs on this demo made it to “Excursion Demise”, which is surprising to me. All these songs are very good. These would easily fit in with their debut. “Restraint Life” starts with a nice acoustic intro that reminds me of “(…To a Twisted Recess of Mind)”, then goes into the crazy thrash that Invocator does so well. Every song on this demo is pure thrash. And with only 4 songs being over 17 minutes, they really knew how to write songs. The songs are long but they are interesting enough to keep your attention the whole time

If you like Invocator’s early work, you will love this demo. I highly recommend it.

Best Tracks – All of them