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Death/Thrash, Emphasis On The Thrash - 100%

optimuszgrime, March 7th, 2008

One of those overlooked trashing gems. Everyone always mentions this as speed/thrash metal, but I always thought of it as a death/thrash album. Why? Everything but the vocals scream early Scandinavian death metal, except more solos, blistering speed and technical ingenuity surpassing even those fine folk. So to me this is a death metal record with some speed influences, perhaps, and some really thrashy vocals. I like this album a whole hell of a lot because it is old school and metal as all hell, almost thrash for sure, and it does not have any sort of distractions form the awesome guitar work. If anything the bass is kinda quiet and the low ends are kinda weak because their recording style is so guitar centric and catered to the guitarists’ fancies. This is not a problem the dual six strings take up all the space they are given gracefully, and rip your fucking head off with blistering speed and crazy trem picks, even crazier solos, in the thrash metal vein, bit noisy, actually. The riffing includes everything from trem picks to stop and go palm muted shit, all really fast, generally following the double bass like on their title track ‘Excursion Demise’. They also incorporate a good amount of pinch harmonics and strange dual guitar leads next to all of their traditional soloing, making them absolutely enjoyable. The drums are insanely fast Morbid Angel worship drums, double times, no blast beats, sickening bass drum patterns and lots of following the guitar around. But they make it worth it all the way, in my opinion. The intro track has some beautiful melodies on the classical guitar, and then straight into the title track, which has basically what today would be considered a slam riff, except, played in a really thrashy way. All of the songs are top notch on this one, although the songs coming from the demos are particularly good, in my opinion. If you like nicely done complex thrash, or if you like plenty of thrash with your death, this album is a must for you.