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Quality advanced thrash - 85%

natrix, April 17th, 2004

This is a really cool release, in the vein of perhaps Believer, Coroner, and Atheist, except this is a lot faster and crazier. This is definately one of the most uncommercial things ever released, because of the insane riffing going on. There's just so much fury in this that it's nearly overpowering.
Vocals are very much like Kelly Schaefer's on the first Atheist album, and they lyrics are spat out in rapid fire fashion (there's SO many lyrics, as well, it's like a goddamn telephone book!). This makes it seem kind of death metalish, along with the speed. In fact, it's pretty hard to really put this in one category. Blast beats nearly all the way though the album, with the occasional slower part. The little acoustic piece after the first song is pretty neat, too. The guitar solos are absolutely shredding, like the first Deicide album but sounding much better. Surprisingly, there's very little groove on here, which they would go and do on their next album, and magnum opus, Weave the Apocalypse.
There are some flaws. All the songs have a million riffs in them, and they're really long. This makes it pretty hard to get into, especially with all the technicality going on. The song titles and lyrics are preposerously long, and seem to be an exercise in using really advanced words (think Carcass, but not funny). Despite the flaws this is a great album, and highly reccommened to anyone who likes their thrash played at light speed.