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Speed, Speed, And More Speed - 93%

grain_silo, July 20th, 2011

Invocator has produced without a doubt one of the fastest albums ever recorded with “Excursion Demise”. Maybe even the fastest. An insane combination of high-speed technical thrash with a hint of death metal is displayed on this debut. If you have ever heard their demo material, they knew what they wanted to do. Make insanely fast thrash metal. And they do it oh so well.

Well let me start with the production. It is decent. It does sound good, but it has so much to be desired. The guitars are thin. They are just plain not heavy; I guess this works out for the best because of how fast the riffs are. The bass has a few stand-outs but when when it does come out it is still quiet. I can’t even describe how the bass sounds. The drums on this album are near perfect. But again they sound kind of thin. Very tinny sounding, but they seem to fit the rest of the production.

The songs are FAST. And I don’t mean Slayer fast. I mean if Slayer played at the speed of “Necrophobic” times 2 it would be as fast as this stuff. A great example of how fast these guys are is “The Persistence from Memorial Chasm”. It starts out fast, keeps going fast, has a slowed down catchy section, and starts with the speed once more. “Excursion Demise” is probably the slowest song on here, but it is still insanely fast. It starts off with an extremely creepy intro, with a sweet riff after, and then comes the speed. This song also has a very heavy and catchy chorus and is easily the best song on here. “Occurrence Concealed” is the other masterpiece on this album. It has a crazy bass intro area and also has a catchy chorus.

Now the riffs themselves are like I said, FAST. Fast but they make sense. They are all over the place a lot of the time, (“Persistence”), but don’t go out of control. The chorus riff in the title track is a good example of how good the riffs are. Same with “Occurrence Concealed”. The drummer…wow. This guy has some freaking stamina. How he manages to keep this tempo going for 4 plus minutes is beyond me. His style is pretty unique. He doesn’t just do thrash, he throws in some insanely fast double bass and has crazy all over the place fills. The vocals are very raspy, perfect for death/thrash. I don’t know if there are some pitch-shifted sections but there are times where a very deep voice says a few words in the background. Very good mixture of all the different vocals styles.

There isn’t really a bad song on here, but after a while the speed is kind of overwhelming. Oh yea, and the solos are awful. They are the typical shredding solos that have so reason or rhyme to them. But as with everything else on here that would appear negative, always has a positive aspect to it. The solos fit the music.

In my opinion and it may be fact, this is THE fastest thrash album ever. When it comes to speed, nobody can touch these guys. They pull off the speed and competence so well. If you don’t have this album, get it. Right now.

Best tracks – “Excursion Demise”, “Schismatic Injective Therapy”, and “Occurrence Concealed”