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High Speed Virtuosity. - 83%

foshuggah, July 23rd, 2003

A criminally underrated band, IMHO, Invocator started playing their brand of hyperfast technnical thrash back in the late 80's, with 2 demos.

This album shows a very similar style to their second demo "Alterations". Fast, unrelented, technnical thrash similar to Atheist, Believer etc. The labum cover is really weird and the packaging is decent for their time. Very good production and decent mix make this album worth getting if you are really a thrash fan.

These musicians are top notch and the more you listen to their songs, the more you discover. There are tons and tons of riffs in every songs, but you don't get lost. The songs structures are clearly stated with some small, but extremely interesting susprises here and there. THis album is totally enjoyable from star to finish, with no boring moments at all.

Now, the vocals are aggressive, but not a death grunt. Maybe a less screechy Mille would be a good starting point. One of the high lights is the rythm section. Solid bass and drumming, yet they managed to play some very dynamic patterns in each song. Impressive.

So, if thrash is your thing, go ahead and search this one out. It's worth it.