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A little too "core" for me - 65%

natrix, April 12th, 2004

This is worth picking up if you're an Invocator fan, but it really pales in comparison to Weave The Apocalypse (listen to that album...NOW!!!). The thing that really irks me about this one is the fact that they are doing some really "core" moments, and kind of going into a Pantera-clone embryo state. Whatever way you look at it, it's just not good, especially when it comes to the vocals. Jacob Hansen's always had a pretty unique way of singing, especially when you listen to his vocals on Weave the Apocalypse. On here it just sounds tired. There's a decent amount of experimentation going on, but it all kind of leads nowhere. Granted, it's better than a lot of stuff, it's just not really good, nothing grabs you and throttles the hell out of you like with Weave the Apocalypse. None of the guitar solos are really stand out, and neither are the drums. I'd call this pretty dull, and that's the problem. It is not bad, but rather well played without anything interesting.