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You'll soon feel your inner invidia for Invidia! - 79%

Funeral_Shadow, September 7th, 2004

It's obvious that most local groups are considered to be local and underground... and that reason could be that they are really terrible and because of their lack of talent, they can never get out of the underground. This is the stereotype for most local groups, and I don't blame the stereotype behind this because I go to alot of local shows and see that there's alot of groups which really blow more than a veteran prositute! Luckily, during my ventures into these local New York City shows, I've come across Invidia playing onstage, and literally creating what I thought would be WWIII, right in a mere club! I had to get their demo after the show, and I've got it from Michael Bergin of Invidia. Enter local melodic death metallers Invidia to break that stereotype of local groups being bad.

I'm blown away from this demo! Usually demo's have bad production but damn you can actually hear EVERY instrument on the album! Of course, the dualing guitars are audible, the bass is thumping throughout the demo, drums don't sound like tin cans and the vocals go just perfect with the music. The first track "Reflections Of The Shattered Glass" (which is the name of this demo also) is a relaxing acoustic guitar instrumental which let's you breath for about a good two minutes until you get aphixiated from hearing "Rise Of The Unborn" play. Lukasz Gunia and Michael D'Andrilli kill with their guitar solos and harmonies in this track as "Keeping The Faith..." is a classic underground hit with it's groove-laiden music and excelent bass solos through the music (Riyaad Edoo is one hell of a bass musician). Michael Bergin delivers the vocals smoothly and drummer Ken Poveda hits the snares and bass drums with percision and not off key. As for the other tracks, they're alright also. "Apophasis" is good with it's aggressive opening but it's not all that catchy as the "Rise..." and "Keeping..." are, and as for the last track "Decay Of Perception", it's a nice ending track with a acoustic opener and gradually getting aggressive and brutal.

In the underground and local scene, many groups put out demo's but most of them are either shitty production or the music is just god-awful; either mediocer or not talented at all. The same goes for local groups but among the NYC local scene, Invidia are the total antithesis; delivering one hell of a performance on stage AND also can deliver the same quality on plastic! Be ready America and the world for Invidia for they're one of the few underground groups here in NYC that are rising into the hateful sunlight and out of the darkness that is being at the status of "local group." Just to give you an idea as to how they sound, they're a nice blend of old In Flames (Subbterranian LP) with a batch of Opeth, At The Gates and finishing it off with the aggression of Slayer. Take note of this group and watch them dominate as this demo has dominated my CD player. You've been warned!

Ear catchers: Rise Of The Unborn, Keeping The Faith..., Decay Of Perception.

*Check them out at for more information.*