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Pretty good infinite vastness to song ratio - 95%

caspian, October 14th, 2017

Considering that Disembowelment is dearly loved by practically every single person into extreme metal/music in general, it's rather odd that this little EP and the full length following it never got any serious press. It should've been a huge event one way or another- instead it seems like this and the monolithic Distance:Collapsed got a "yeah it's pretty good" and then a shrug, and that was it. It's a real shame, because this is ridiculously good.

It's not hard not to constantly bring up Disembowelment when referring to this band, and when you listen to the album the comparison gets stronger than ever. It's not exactly the same but.. well yet it pretty much is the same. Crushing doom parts, the occasional foray into death metal, dreamy clean guitars, vocals that are there to make things more menacing as opposed to driving the tunes along. While it does jump around a bit more than D, it's still pretty cohesive, still flows along well enough. Much to love here- the way Frozen Beauty reclaims it's intro as a triumphant, almost stonery riff, the slithery, stealthy and deadly bit of ambient, Shadows' crunching guitars with that big echoing lead going over the top, Menin's endless, sorrow filled doom crawl. Listening to it for the 45th time and I'm starting to see a decent amount of Thergothon influence in the endlessly grim doomy parts. Suffice to say, this is really good.

Honestly, I'm almost inclined to say it's better than Transcendence into the Peripheral; I mean the songwriting is basically as good, the production sounds huge but isn't sterile- honestly it's rather massive, I wonder if they got tips from Tryptykon or something. I think the only reason why I, and I'm gonna assume many others aren't as blown away by it as we were when we first heard D's full length is that we have heard it before. Time gets you desensitized, and while I really love this album it doesn't blow me away anywhere near as much as when I first heard Tree of Ivory or Burial at Ornans as an impressionable 18 year old who thought Killswitch Engage was heavy.

Essentially, if "just as good as Disembowelment, but with better production" excites you- and it damn well should!- then you should really check this out.