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Only half great - 60%

ABHORRED, March 2nd, 2003

I'm normally inclined to admire bands that like to extend a helping hand to the more obscure and underexposed within their genre, but did we really need these guys (Inveracity)? But before I get too deep into that, allow me to direct your attention to the "main event" so to speak of this disc. Insision's half of this split is, simply put...amazing. Just the right amount of "groove" mixed with some skank beats here and there, and then a hefty bit of blasts and slide riffs. One of the few truly worthwhile Death Metal bands coming from the hallowed shores of Sweden these days. Perhaps even destined to share the throne with the likes of Grave, Carnage, and Dismember? Their performances are spot on, precise, and pummeling. Nuff' said. If there was one qualm I had with their half, it would have to be that when you really think about it...The only people that will really seek this out are the ones that already own and enjoy their "Beneath The Folds of Flesh" full length album. And then when you consider that 3 out of their 5 tracks are re-recorded versions of the songs on that aforementioned full length...(The other two being comprised of a Death cover, and a completely worthless incoherent bunch of screams and growls amidst a constant blast)
That leads us to the more lackluster half of this. Inveracity, hailing from Greece, play a standard Death/Grind most of you should be all too familiar with. You know what I mean, the kind of repetitive crap that starts with a 5 minute sample, then degenrates into indiscernible blasting garble. Inveracity's music is well rendered, but VERY poorly executed. Everything here is sloppy. It just sounds to me like Insision found a crappy band they felt sorry for, gave them some money and a good production...As well as a (waste of) space on their split. For what it's worth, I did find Inveracity's cover of Repulsion's "Eaten Alive" somewhat amusing, if only for nostalgia. And they possess a slight head-nodding groove here and there, so I guess it has marginal value for one that is not very picky.
I guess the bottom line here is:
Insision - Superb performance as always, but did you really need to re-record three songs from an album you already released?
Inveracity - God help the poor misguided soul that buys this split on the merit of this band. Completely inane and devoid of value.