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Fourth Full-length Fury! - 80%

Akerthorpe, April 23rd, 2017

Indiana’s Invasion have returned with their fourth full-length entitled “Destroyer of Mankind”. In the 9 tracks on this release, the band lay down some pretty devastating and brutal death metal that, at times sounds a bit melodic. This is a release that is rooted heavily in traditional death metal but not restricted by its limitations. Combined with their sheer brutality is a slight technical edge that enables them to hold their own with other bands of the genre and that even goes for the bands who laid down the blueprint for this style of music.

What I really like about this band is that, despite being an American band, they seem to have adopted a bit of a European sound to their delivery. The guitar work here takes me back to memories of bands such as Sinister, Hypocrisy, God Dethroned, and Seirim with a little bit of Rossomahaar mixed in. The melodic aspects of the guitar work on this release are kept to a minimum and interjected in just the right places so that it doesn’t dilute the purity of the brutality. This keeps things from being monotonous and boring throughout the duration. The drumming on this release is just sick! The talent is uncompromising and unrelenting from track to track. And the blast beats take on an almost “grindcore” feel which combines with the slight technical edge quite nicely. My only issue with the drums is that the bass drum should have been a bit louder. In some instances it seems a little muffled out by the riffs and vocals. Even so, I would consider this a production error and not that of the drummer. My only other issue with this release is the vocals. Don’t get me wrong, they are brutal and fit the material well. I only mention this because I think the overall feel and reception of this material would have been a lot better if the patterns varied a bit. It seems the vocalist’s range doesn’t change very much and relies on a mid-range growl throughout the entire album. Still though, it’s a damn good album and these minor flaws don’t amount to much at the end of the day, but I felt they should be mentioned.

What you have here at the end of the day is a band that gets down and dirty in the trenches of death metal, marching forward, while fighting for the flag of tradition, unrelenting on their path of destruction. Invasion definitely live up to their name. Many times before I have mentioned bands being so good that I want to back track and check out their earlier discography. Invasion is one of these bands. This was my introduction to the band and I am impressed. They have been around since 1995 but their releases only go back to 1997. Hearing what I have heard here, it intrigues me as to how they started out and got to the point where they are at today. If you listen to a band and have similar thoughts, then that band is damn sure doing something right!