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Amazing, why isn't more thrash like this - 95%

Noktorn, January 30th, 2009

Why the fuck can't more thrash sound like this? Moreover, who wouldn't be happier with thrash as a genre if it did? But no, bands like this aren't popular, the ones who sound like the most evil and nasty parts of Sepultura and Kreator and Sodom thrown in a blender with a pinch of death and black metal, it's instead fucking Evile and Municipal Waste, the ones who are too busy high-fiving each other to actually write some riffs with some fucking bite to them. The fact that the members of Invasion aren't being fellated by whores made of chocolate right at this moment is an unspeakable travesty and the metal scene should be fucking ashamed that they'd overall prefer Fueled By Fire to these guys.

Invasion plays the sort of unimaginably brutal thrash metal that you would probably say is death metal just because of how goddamn intense it is, not due to any actual musical resemblance. Touches of it are here and there in the riffs which occasionally have a bit of Possessed savagery, and the filthy midrange snarl of the vocals does bring black metal to mind, but the most surprising thing about this album is really that it manages to be so blindingly ferocious while still being relatively pure thrash. It helps that every riff is a goddamn clawhammer to your dickhole and the songs are titled things like 'Flamethrower Asphyxiation', and that the overall sound of the music makes me really think that each member of Invasion wants to kill you, yes, YOU, the person reading this review right now! Each member of this band wants to beat you to death in your own home and then burn it down because they don't care enough to rob you of your valuables!

In all seriousness though, the riffs here are fucking unimaginably great. They have typical thrash rhythms but none of the perky bounce which tends to infect them, and the guitar tone seems to turn every note into an individual holocaust of headbanging. I don't know how they got this guitar tone, it's like the fucking Mortician of thrash metal it's so heavy and brutal, but it works perfectly in conjunction with the Brazilian/Teutonic styled riffs. There are absolutely no filler riffs on this album; each one is completely necessary to the song and absolutely violent sounding without exception. The drumming deserves a mention all its own; it's ridiculously intense and each slam of the snare drum threatens to make it explode. The technical performance is also good, consistently on time and with just enough variation and fills to be exciting without taking emphasis away from the guitars. There's also a funny part at the beginning of 'Sacrifice' where the drummer accidentally plays the hi-hat instead of the ride for the first few notes of a thrash beat before switching over and hoping you don't notice.

The crown jewel in an album made of fucking crown jewels, though, is probably the unbelievably evil vocal performance which channels equal parts Sarcófago and a Soviet commissar ready to shoot the first person to retreat directly in the face. It's guttural and commanding and exactly what an album so obsessed with war and destruction really needs. It's omnipresent and complements the equally savage and unrelenting guitars and drums perfectly. Every song is immense and the album never slows down in quality or speed. I've said enough, if you don't like this you should listen to Agalloch.