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A mixture to be reckoned with - 80%

Condor, November 4th, 2005

Intronaut brings a unique style to the table of metal. On one side of the spectrum, they bring a style that is almost Opeth-like. There is fast paced riffs mixed with moments of clarity, so to speak. Their progressive style really shines through on the opening track. However, I think that their style is geared more towards melodic death, sporting an early In Flames type of sound at times. Not vocally, but definitely instrumentally. Intronaut does a good job at melody, where other American bands tend to fall short. And yet, at times, among the melody and progressive style there are shards of brutality that glisten through as well. There are moments when they let the drums go wild and the riffing becomes very fast (check out track 3). It is almost harmonius, the mixture they offer. There is one flaw though. The production is not very good, and at times it takes away from what the music really is. Hopefully when they put out a full release the production is more honed.

Intronaut offers up a progressive style with melody and a dash of brutality. So if you're a fan of Opeth or melodic death metal in general, check these guys out.