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Better Than Avulsed - 90%

optimuszgrime, March 26th, 2008

An overlooked rarity, much superior to anything Avulsed or Suffocation (Esp) has ever released. I do not like either of these bands so much (Suffocation is alright), but this is absolutely killer. This is music that affects you cerebrally, it is a very much mental metal album. It does not have the appeal of Nihilist, their contemporaries, or the brutality even of some thrash metal albums of the time period. But what it does have is a lot to say, unlike, for instance Avulsed. The intro starts off with classical guitars and some chords being held on a distorted guitar, and the awesome drumming of the Avulsed guy, who does rule after all, and is a tight drummer. After setting the mood, they jump right into the middle of things, and then there are just a storm of riffs with awesome intensity. The recording is very short, however, which is sad, but the music on it is quality death metal at its best. The drumming is fucking fast for this type of stuff, and is tight as all hell, no faults there, and although he guitars a re a bit sloppy during some of the shredding, they create riffs with atmosphere, with feeling. And that is why this is such a great album, it feels good to listen to. It creates a little world, one that is psychotic and hallucinatory. The bas stones are kind of muffled, but are warm enough to be felt, the guitar tone is scratchy and a little rough around the edges, but still very nice. The vocals are kind of lame, I will give it that, they are not bad growls, they are just nothing-special growls. But everything else, the instrumentation and recording are absolutely excellent. A good piece of old school death metal, worthy of your collection if you are a diehard death metal fanatic.