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Their own screams is all they hear.. - 100%

scorpiorising, August 14th, 2016
Written based on this version: 1993, CD, Hellhound Records

Straight out of Frederick, Maryland, this 4 piece is a serious force to be reckoned with. Internal Void offers some of the finest traditional doom known to man, firmly rooted in the bluesy dark tales of Sabbath, Vitus, and Pentagram. Besides the obvious influences, Internal Void also has a distinctly Maryland sound drawing inspiration from bands such as The Obsessed and Unorthodox (Asylum). This album is truly a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end, and the 59 minutes always seems to pass way too fast! Internal Void really know how to arrange a song, as each song seems to perfectly flow together despite the numerous progressions and tempo changes.

The rhythm section is virgin tight. Eric Little keeps a steady beat, and never does anything too flashy. Instead, he prefers to utilize dynamics and always has the right percussion to fit the rest of the music. He has no problem with speeding up on the go and slowing right back down again, as Internal Void seemingly loves to do. Adam Heinzmann is no joke on bass duties, his intricate work on the bottom end is the ultimate link between melody and rhythm. He knows when to hold back and let the music breathe, but he also knows exactly when to fill the song with geezer butler styled Pentatonic fills.

JD Williams is a real frontman and vocalist. While not necessarily being a "good singer" in the traditional sense, his haunting, terrifying vocals are more fitting than anyone else would have been. JD is phenomenal at bringing about a dramatic voice that brings feelings of foreboding and impending doom. At times he sounds desperate, and at other times he sounds completely pissed. His vocals never really follow the riff or melody, but instead makes its own presence. I could see how his voice might not be suiting to everyone, but to me I could not ask for a better vocalist. His lyrics are memorable and easy to understand, as well as dark and full of social commentary.

Kelly Carmichael is seriously one of the most underrated guitarists i can think of. This guy can play his ass off for days with lick after lick that will blow your mind. Even when he's just playing riffs, he manages to throw in so much flavor and finesse with a tasty guitar tone. Just about every time he begins a lead, your face begins to melt right off. For instance, in Peace Song and Devil in Drag, Kelly tosses out some of the most face-melting guitar wizardry known to record. For those who like doom with mind-bending solos, Internal Void is your band!

The production on this album could not be better, as each instrument is heard loudly and clearly. Sure, there are bands out there who's production is more professional but this production seriously works in Internal Void's favor in giving them their clearly old school sound. This album is not overly polished, but instead cooked just right.

Internal Void is far from your typical doom band. Each song is completely different from the last one and the album has no weak moments. Internal Void has some slow doom crawls but almost every song has faster sections. Did i mention this band makes an excellent use of tempo changes? At some points they speed up to the intensity of thrash like in "Desolate Cemetery" but have no problem slowing back down to a speed slower than Vitus and other grandfathers. This is a truly menacing, sorrow filled, kickass slab of downer rock! HIGHLY recommended to anyone who considers themselves a connoisseur of doom or even metal for that sake.