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My Rotten Soul, October 27th, 2018

New lineups usually tend to do a lot of bad to the band than good. I wanna say I liked... well... LOVED this band's EP Aborted and Slaughtered. Absolutely everything was good. It was slamcore done at its very best, necessarily taking Devourment or Kraanium put in combination with the attitude of Chelsea Grin's self titled 2008 EP. Aborted and Slaughtered never got me bored.

This album, however, lacks any and all of the charm of that release, instead we get this dumbed-down version of what they used to be. Out of everything on this album, I can't say much is memorable about the whole thing. The only thing that I CAN remember is recalling how similar some of these tracks sound to Cephalotripsy and Parasitic Ejaculation, while both great bands on their own this album is like a bad version of both. Nobody in the recording lineup from Aborted and Slaughtered is present here in the recording of this album, besides their vocalist, so that does a great job at explaining the sound shift.

While I am aware that a drum machine did the drums on this album it's quick to be the first thing to annoy me. The snare of the drums has this awkward sound that makes everything sound small. It is a truly awkward sounding snare drum that almost makes listening to the whole album sound like you're hearing it on the inside of a bottle. Next thing that didn't catch my approval is the guitars. They're rattling and thin. When they're not playing a slam, it's like just listening to background buzz. I've heard this album over 10 times and not a single riff this guitarist does stands out or is memorable from the top of my head.

Sorry to constantly bring out comparisons to their EP, but like I said... their EP did EVERYTHING right. This however... this is the polar evil twin opposite to all of that. No riffs, no fun moments, it's all stripped away and it's watered down and reduced to nothing more than an Australian Parasitic Ejaculation through on and out. Funny that I mention that because even their vocalist sounds a bit like the Parasitic Ejaculation singer on here too! His inhale vocals are very similar.

While the vocals are probably the only thing I can really say I sort of enjoyed, not much else on the album exists in terms of my interest besides the song Chopped Up and Smoked. This is a song featuring 4 slam vocalists and the song itself is um... about smoking weed. Or I think it's about chopping up a human person and smoking him like as if they were smoking weed? After reading the lyrics a little closer, that seems to be the theme of the song, clever I guess? The song is enjoyable for a slam track given that is features Jason of Ingested, Andrew of Cerebral Incubation, Storma of Whoretopsy and Kevin of Acranius all on it together switching off between their own verses one after another. But it's kind of saddening that the vocalists are the only thing that makes the song interesting to me. Again, it's not my favorite thing in the world given that darned guitar and drum machine tone and the guitarist's playing style alone is boring and non-varied just like the rest of the record.

I guess in my mind, the only thing that kept Internal Devour interesting was when the band had Kyle van der Ryken as a guitarist. His entire song structure made their EP unstoppable. Well the Transmutation promo between this and that EP that was recorded when he wasn't even in the band anymore, even THAT promo was generally acceptable material and sounded like Internal Devour enough to qualify it as good. But here, longlast, I can't really say I have much hope for Internal Devour any longer. They had a lot of hype for me being what a fan they made of me from their Aborted and Slaughtered EP and when it finally came time to deliver a full-length, sort of just tarnished those expectations besides the one song "Chopped Up and Smoked".

Come on, Internal Devour. You can do better, can't you!!!?