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Praise the death and necromania! - 95%

dismember_marcin, May 17th, 2014

Cyclone Empire continues releasing their Imperial Anthems series of 7” vinyl split singles… and this is already the 14th volume of it. And I think I can say that it is also my favourite so far, as it contains two totally killer Swedish death metal bands; two, which belong to the best currently playing Svensk dods metall hordes, definitely. I am a great fan of both Interment and Tormented, I collect all their stuff, so I couldn’t say no to the ideas of having both united in death on this seven inch green piece of vinyl.

Both troops deliver exclusive songs, what only makes the whole EP even more worthy. And you know what? I really don’t wanna describe each song separately, as in both cases I would probably say the same words, use the same sentences… So, let’s avoid that. Interment presents “Praise the Death” and Tormented comes with the song called “Necromania”. And both are truly fantastic, totally killer slabs of old styled, obscure death metal. If you know their previous efforts, then you exactly what to expect, what quality stuff they always record. And damn, this split is no different! I just worship this dark, eerie atmosphere of these sounds, this totally killer riffing, harsh vocals and always a memorable, possessing chorus. These two bands are real fuckin leaders of the current New Wave of Old School Swedish Death Metal, as some people call it and I just cannot say ANY bad words towards them. They both slay. I especially love Interment’s “Praise the Death” – this track sounds like a real fuckin classic death anthem, with amazing riffs and just perfect sound. Tormented sounds slightly rawer and more obscure, their “Necromania” is almost like a bastard son of very early Sepultura and Nihilist but damn, it is again so fuckin brilliant. Arrrrgggghhhh, I am dead!
Final rate: 95/100