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This is disgusting - 3%

Mordaine, September 23rd, 2006

Interlock is a band that according to metal-archives plays industrial/extreme metal, and for the most part thats right. One thing that the description neglects to mention is the major gothic elements this band has.

They have 2 vocalists one male and one female. They both do clean and growled vocals, and this is where I think the band loses most of any luster they might have otherwise. Both the vocalists share the songs pretty evenly, and this is only because they switch off every 4 seconds giving you low and high pitch growls with gets old before the end of the first song. They occasionally go into "clean mode" when they start actually singing(of course switching off every 4 seconds) and it reminds me of Evanescence(which I despise).

On the musical side there's really not much to offer, the guitars just act as another form of percussion, chugging away, but not pleasing to the ear. Almost every song has a "stop, go, stop, go" feel to it and it is just about as irritating as the vocals. The guitars dont really go much further than that, occasionally spitting out a couple notes.

The percussion I believe is done completely with a drum machine, though I could be mistaken. It is the root of the "stop, go" feel to this album. I think they try to alleviate some of the monotony by adding some "industrial sounding" ticks and clicks. And where there isn't and monotonous boring drumming, there's blatent abuse of drumming, for instance on the song "Cause" where their drum machine is apparent with its inhuman blasts of bass drums that are hardly impressine or good sounding in any way.

Overall, this music music sounds like a manufactured attempt to make money. It captures many of the elements of mainstream metal and puts it into one simple package. None of it catchy, none of it memorable, none of it impressive, none of it remotely interesting. The songs get monotonous and they seems liek they're building, but they just break down into soft singing instead of giving you something to look foreward to.

The only good points about this album is that they did manage to come up with some odd timings (though they cloned those timings for the rest of their songs and made them unbearable to listen to.)

The only redeeming songs on here were the song "Creed", which actually had somethign of a flow to it and was blazingly interesting compared to everythign else, and the song "Sleepless" which is a slow song with hardly any vocals(a major plus) and just about the only melody coming from the guitars with no crap ass chugging.

DO NOT EVER buy this album, it's terrible. I'm not sure why I listened to the whole thing to be honest. Oh right, to save people from wasting their time on such a worthless piece of crap such as this.