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One For New And Old Fans Alike - 100%

metal_bryan, October 17th, 2011

I came into this album being fully prepared to either be blown away (as usual by this band) or very disappointed. Fortunately, Insomnium continue to deliver strongly on this album and add another flight in their staircase toward a high place in the history of Melodic Death Metal.

The added production value and drive provided by a larger, international record label likely had a lot to do with how ambitious this album sounds when compared to those preceeding it. Insomnium haven't changed their sound very much since Since The Day It All Came Down, sticking to a tried and true formula that has pleased all of their fans. One For Sorrow is their first step in a truely different direction. Some of the speed and technicality of their first album is back here as the band takes more risks with their songwriting. All of these risks pay off and bring the band into a more marketable sound to a wider audience. There are songs for people who like faster, heavier Melodeath, but there are still others which remain slow and full of clean sections to please fans of the softer, more emotional material.

All of the intruments are heard well in this mix. The drums are finally brought up to a good spot and the guitars are equally prominent. The bass is punchy, but not overly prevalent. Most notably different here are the vocals, which sound even deeper and more brutal than ever before. There are songs again on this album with clean singing sections, like those that appeared on the previous album. These songs again sound just as good as others and don't detract from the overall experience.

Overall, this is another strong outing for the band and one that they (and their longtime fans) should be proud to show to a whole new audience. The band has broadened their songwriting, rather than releasing yet another clone of Since The Day It All Came Down. They have not sacrificed a bit of their uniquely emotional sound, however. If you love this band, then this another must-own album. If you're curious about checking this band out for the first time, then this is a great place to start.