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Insomnium - In The Halls Of Awaiting - 94%

WilliamAcerfeltd, January 27th, 2008

Well, this is a good album. I first heard about this band late last year. Something that suprises me a lot is that the band is quite accessible, just as accessible as Wintersun. Yet this band is relatively unknown, check the amount of reviews. Also, in my opinion this band is much better than Wintersun.

Let's start with the vocals. The guy handling vocals here cannot sing so there are no clean vocals to be found on the album. There some spoken/whispered parts though. Also unlike the usual high-pitched vocals that you have in most melo death bands which are similar to black metal, we have to deep death growl. I personally think this is a good thing.

The metal on this album is pretty heavy. There also some very soft easy listening parts on this album, for instance the album starts off with a cool accoustic intro with whispered vocals then swings into the heavy part of the album. The riffs are usually pretty technical and enjoyable.

If you're after solos then you might be a bit dissapointed with the album because there is only 1 solo on the entire album which can be found on the last song. It's unfortunately a little too short, despite this it is still an enjoyable peice of ear candy.

So there you have it, a short but effective summary of this album. This album has sparked my interest in the band and I am interested to see what their other albums sound like. It is suprising that you have bands which are just as good, if not better than Wintersun around but aren't given the same amount of credit.