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Great and Overlooked - 93%

Drunken, April 27th, 2005

I think it’s sad that this band didn’t really start getting much recognition until their sophomore release “Since the Day it All Came Down”. Like “Since the Day” this is a really good CD. Most of the reviews you hear about this CD say something like “Okay, but not as good as “Since the Day”” or “Good, but better the second time around”. I agree. “Since the Day it All Came Down” is better than this one, but do not, and I repeat, DO NOT let that stop you from picking this one up. This is a great CD that has to live in its predecessor’s shadow.

The musicianship in this CD is done very well. The riffs aren’t necessarily hard to play, but is that really what matters? I think not. The vocals are done wonderfully, with very full growls that on some songs shift to almost whispers that remind me of something Anders Friden would have done back in the day. Niilo Sevanon(vocalist) has a great, unique voice which is rare in any kind of death metal (I’m not by any means saying that ALL death vocals sound the same, so don’t stone me!). The drumming is done very precisely with both double bass and standard drumming. This comes with great pleasure, for I get a little bored with double bass blasting through an entire song, I mean, that’s often physically impressive, but can also get extremely boring.

They have a wide spectrum of speed levels in the disk. They will go from power/speed-ish to doomy to acoustic passages, sometimes all in one song. Often times when bands attempt this, it becomes overwhelming and sounds like the band is trying too hard, but Insomnium seem to pull it off perfectly. The songs are all well written and there isn’t a bad song on the album. I’ll admit, some are a little better than others (Some standout tracks including “Song of the Storm”, “Media” and “The Elder”), but they are all worth listening to.

So, summing things up, this is all in all a great release. No, it isn’t as good as what will come, but a very good album nonetheless. Definitely gets an “A” form me.