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An amazing album! - 90%

Deathmachine, January 17th, 2004

This has to be one of my favourite albums of all time, it has everything, it has melodic riffs, heavy riffs, riffs made better with keyboards on top, acoustic bits, and the vocals are amazingly powerful, but at the same time can do sombre as well. This album has great lead guitar, and although it only has one real solo, right at the end, it’s an amazing one, and the lead is strong on most the songs. I think to put them down as an In Flames clone would be hugely underrating them, they have a lot of other elements that In Flames don’t have, they have a bit of Emperor and Children of Bodom mixed in as well, they have a much more sombre sound at times, and are a lot heavier at others. They are similar, but not the same!

They also have a progressive side, the way they constantly change rhyme and riffs, they have a much grander sound then In Flames at times. The vocals are also very different too, a lot more Death metal and deeper. This also comes from the lyrics, which are one of my favourite things about this album, they beautifully written, mostly about lost love, in a sombre, strong and brooding way. In Flames have a very modern sound, a very urban sound, but Insomnium seem to be harking back to the old days somehow, making it sound like their jamming under a star lit sky, but with excellent production. The production couldn’t be better, everything sounds smooth and nothing out of place, and you can hear everything. Brilliant. I also love, probably my favourite off the album, the epic last song, the title track, it reminds more of “With Strength I Burn” by Emperor, its long as has some amazing riffs, and then keyboards come in, and it all just builds up over 10 minutes to this amazing climax, an amazing solo, as I said earlier, the only one on the album!

But, a few things I would changes, perhaps more solos, but that’s only because I know they can do amazing ones and I'm a solo fan. Also maybe a better intro, I don’t really like the first song, it could have been a lot more dramatic. But this album is just great, if you like the bands I mentioned, Emperor, Children of Bodom, or In Flames, you would probably really like this album. I just can’t wait till their next album and when they come on tour to the UK!