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Insision Did Not Come To Heal - 82%

stefan86, April 4th, 2005

Holy shit, this is intense! That's all I can think of saying. "Revealed And Worshipped" just runs over and rapes everything in its path like a bulldozer for 34 minutes. And to think these guys are actually swedish. Finally a reason to be proud over the extreme metal in my country.

In a scene so full of Gothenburg crap, Insision play brutal US styled Death Metal in the vein of Suffocation and Hate Eternal with a slight Gore influence. This is certainly not for those with sensitive ears. There's no melody to be found here in any form. And there isn't a need for any, because the riffing ideas as well as the songwriting aspect is strong enough. These guys have one goal, and that's brutality. They sure achieved it.

If the insane tempo of the instruments wasn't enough, Carl Birath's vocal delivery is totally sick. He sounds more like he's regurgitating than growling. You can rarely decipher what he's actually saying, and it fits perfectly with the rest of the soundscape. Brutality is once again the law.

The songs are also well crafted enough to remain memorable. Tracks like "The Foul Smell of Humans" with its thrash-infused rhythms and "We Did Not Come To Heal" with its weird lead guitar parts are sure to raise some eyebrows. "The Cleansing" is another great headbanger that starts out with a Morbid Angel inspired midtempo intro before going into high gear with some insane blastbeats and more sick growls from Birath.

"Revealed And Worshipped" is surely a CD that should be appreciated by fans of brutal Death Metal. The brutality is here, so is the musicianship and songwriting.