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SoulSeekJay, June 25th, 2004

FINALLY!!! Death metal seems to really come back with an great amount of amazing albums this year and Insision present one of them with "Revealed And Worshipped". Unrelenting death metal in the vein of Suffocation just with a sicker vocalist! They mainly rage with an unholy fast sound but they often throw in melodic guitar leads but through the low growled vocals never a harmonic feeling comes up and this is really special because the songs contain a lot melodies but through the vocals and the speed it's an underlying melodic feeling. The fourth and title track "Revealed And Worshipped" is a two minutes interlude where only a man is speaking and with the follower "The Unrest" they start their attack again! Here the rough growls are supported by evil background screams while the guitar players celebrate a melodic massacre that's disturbed by hammering drum and bass sounds and for sure they added double-bass action! I haven't heard such a merciless attack for a long time and with their uncompromising speedful death metal they even outshine Suffocation's new effort. I guess that they left out guitar solos appeals even more to me, they would be just a bugging interception, without them Insision overruns everything with their sheer brutality. At "The Foul Smell Of Humans" they play a few thrash alike rhythms and even added a break with something like an atmospherically solo but as soon as you get used to it they force the speed again! But Insision can do more than just devastate with fast metal, with "The Cleansing" they prove their abilities and offer a Morbid Angel alike progressive song with extraterrestrial guitars. But Insision can't do without the speed so they come back to evil annihilation! Watch out for these guys, they're already one of death metal's finest!
A MUST LISTEN, NOW GET IT (buy it!)!!!