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Don't say the ''M'' word to these guys... - 47%

Funeral_Shadow, November 20th, 2004

“Foul smelling and festering, Death Metal should always provoke revulsion in the sane. Insision’s sick tech-riffs and barbaric blastfests cripple the senses, whilst any thoughts of melody and banished by the rabid vokill onslaught.” -Taken from the sampler I have.

If it’s one thing that Insision got right, it’s everything said in the quote above. Now this is how death metal should be! This album is sheer brutality with no sign of melodies within miles! The vocals are sick as hell, sounding almost like the guy is puking out his internal organs. Hell, everything is just sick about this album… but is that a good thing?

Well, this certainly is a return to relentless death metal in the vein of Hate Eternal and Vomitory. The problem with most “death metal” bands today is that they incorporate… well melodies! Also, they don’t possess the heaviness that death metal was once known for, and doesn’t have the crazy leads and chords in the guitar work. As I said, Insision brings back the good ole’ brutal and barbaric death metal we all (should) know and love. Though, because it’s nothing but brutality, this album can get boring after the first three tracks. I’m a huge fan of extreme metal, but damn, these guys’ needs to chill out with the dosage of crunching riffs and blast beats because it’s just too much for the word “extreme” itself.

As I said, the first three tracks should drug you up with enjoyable brutality. No bullshit intros are needed on the album for the first track “No Belief.” It’s just a scream and crushing riffs that tell you, “We’re Insision, and we are here to kick your scrawny ass!” You can tell right from here that there will be no sign of a string played that’ll be soft or weak. It’s really enjoyable to first hear the music, reminding you of the good days of brutal death metal… it’s barbaric in the sense of consztant blast beats and grinding riff work. Okay, well next up is “Imminent Vision” and for brutal music, these guys know how to make something catchy. The riffs in this song are just plain old catchy; unlike the last track where there was nothing but blast beats and blasphemy. “We Did Not Come To Heal” is the highlight of the CD with its “cute” solo in the beginning. I say it’s cute because with the brutal music blasting, you hear this small solo over it, which isn’t necessarily melodic, but it just catches you by surprise. This is yet another catchy track, where it’s not a speed demon, but mid-paced insanity.

Once you get up to track three, you’ll hear a interlude called “Revealed And Worshipped,” and it gets you wondering why was this not placed as an intro to the CD? This can be a sign of bad things to come… and it is a sign, because when the pointless interlude finishes, up comes more sheer brutality. This time, it gets real boring and real repetitive… well at least for me. It’s more blast beats… yawn… more crushing riffs… yawn… and… zZzZz… Yeah it’s kind of like that with the rest of the tracks; it’s just too much madness with all the speed and low-tuned guitar/bass work. Not to mention that the vocals are kind of monotonous with no range in the grunts.

What’s my suggestion for you if you want to buy this CD and listen to it? Place the CD into your boom box or whatever you have, and each time you listen to the CD, pick only three tracks to listen to because after three listens, the CD will… and I mean WILL sound very redundant. I highly recommend to listen to the first three tracks only, and then after that, save the rest of the listen for another time. Good thing for me I got the sampler version and didn’t waste so much money on the actual CD. If you really love pure brutal death metal, and death metal done the old school heavy way without bullshit melodies and clean vocals, then this is your kind of band to check out.

This is definitely not for my liking… I mean let’s be real, there’s a thin line between extreme music and boring music.

Ear Catchers: Imminent Vision, We Did Not Come To Heal