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Worth your while - 80%

Erempiris, February 20th, 2007

Damn, I still remember when I first heard “We Did Not Come To Heal”. I was watching some television (“Metalhead Night on The Box – I remember it clear as hell), and just then it was that Insision’s clip of said number past by, and I was instantly hooked. Now, a few years later, I am still hooked on it as on no album before and will be so until their next one (“Ikon”) comes out; which should be somewhere in April.

Insision is one of those bands that really deserves public attention instead of all those mallcore-crap bands. Here we have four young men that make Death Metal as if it came from America. Yes, Insision has a decidedly non-Swedish sound!
Their music is fast and sounds like a (wonderful!) mix between the riffs of Morbid Angel, the speed and brutality of Cannibal Corpse and the technicality and songwriting from Cryptopsy. I am very much tempted to say that this is the best Death Metal band mix, ever.

The songs themselves are well structured and Carl Birath delivers a great job on both the lyrics and the vocals – which brings me to downside number one. Carl has a very powerful grunt but he lacks a lot of variation. Here and there a high pitched scream, and I was totally overwhelmed by the last shout of “Revolt!” in the closing song (“The Ideas of Revolution”) but it gets boring after a while, even for me – Insision fan boy number one. The lyrics are very “non-Death Metalish” [sic]. Dealing with themes as inner demons and drawing a lot of inspiration from Lovecraft’s stories (which are mainly dark, grim visions of lands far away and aeons before Man walked the earth) they are very fresh and original – a great break from the (far too regular) Death Metal frenzy of torture, rape, abominations and gore.

Roger and Toob brought us an awesome set off riffs. Especially Roger knows very well how to play his stuff – fast, energetic and very original. Insision has a very groovy sound and this only does them good; especially on tracks like “Havoc” and “Ideas of Revolution. Also the bass guitar, played by Daniel Ekeroth, blends in perfectly with everything and adds a certain atmosphere to the whole album that’s saying: “We did NOT come to heal!”. But, the riffing is what gets me to downside number two as well. A lot of the riffs are pretty much copied from the albums that Insision draws so much inspiration from. The intro of “In the Gallows” is near identical to the intro from “Ageless, still I am” (Morbid Angel) and the riff from “Imminent Vision” (clocking in at 1:05) sounds a lot like the riff from Cryptopsy’s “Slit Your Guts” starting at 1:28. Nonetheless, Roger and Toob have quite a few awesome tricks up their sleeves and they really know how to handle a guitar. But, the stolen riffs don’t take too much of the fun away; the riffs (most of them, anyway) they did write themselves sound incredibly good and – above all – very new.

The drumming isn’t outstanding or excelling at any point, but it could be worse. If only Thomas had used his snare a little less and wrote some more varying drumlines, it would make this record far better than it is right now. But, regardless of the lack of variation, Thomas plays very well. He has a lot of speed in his hands and I think he would have been very able to progress into a far better drummer… if only he had stayed with Insision a little longer.

As of production, there isn’t much to comment about. All the instruments are clearly distinguishable, but at certain points the drums sound a little too overpowered (especially on “The Ideas Of Revolution” – the intro sounds like a plain drum solo). All instruments blend together very well and (an important point for me) the vocals are very clear, even though Carl isn’t the best man out there when it comes to making words understandable and distinguishable. But the clear vocals do help a lot and after reading the lyrics a couple of times, you are sure to understand most he’s saying.

All in all, this album very much worth your while if you like Death Metal. Insision is not the most accessible band of them all and, as with Cryptopsy, you have to be into the Death Metal scene for quite a while to really respect their music. Apart from the stolen riffs and uninspired drumming, this is a great album and shouldn’t be missed out by any die-hard Death Metal (or Insision) fan.

Stand-out tracks: Imminent Vision, We Did Not Come To Heal, Havoc, The Ideas of Revolution.