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Worship - 94%

AtteroDeus, July 31st, 2004


As if 'Beneath The Folds Of Flesh' didn't have enough of a hype buzz around it ensuring it's memory among extreme metal fans all over, Insision have gone even further.

Now, I'm not normally a person that's into the usual "brutal death metal" peddled by the likes of Immolation et al, preferring some DM with either some groove or definative technicality to latch onto.
Somehow Insision manage to not just do both, but they do it in a damn good way, mixing certain brutality with somewhere hidden under the murky surface an old-school grooveathon giving everyone something to love about this album.

The fourth track's spoken nature does kind of detract from the overwhelming freight-train with no wheels like momentum built up until that point, but you can forgive such minor blips when this is about as pure extreme metal as I've heard so far this year.

Deicide and Morbid Angel may like to think that they're still the godfathers of Death Metal - especially considering the size of Glenn Benton's considerable ego - but if this record doesn't severely elevate Insision in terms of respect, exposure and general appreciation, then quite frankly the world doesn't deserve a band that can bludgeon you senseless yet actually make you want to not stop but hit you harder and harder.

Quite simply buy this album if you claim to like death metal. I guarantee you won't regret it.