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There's a lot to find beneath these folds - 89%

stefan86, October 17th, 2005

Brutal, relentless and loud. Those three words decribe pretty well what the essence of this band is. Insision has only two gears, fast and faster. One might think that would get redundant on a full disc, but fuck no. These guys apply loads and loads of riffs in different structures, giving them just enough variation to last. They apply minimal melody and still turn their songs way more memorable than any of the average clean-vocal emo chorus bands of 2005.

There are three clear highlights among the songs:

"World Impaled" opens up the album with a huge fucking blow, quickly introducing Carl Birath's brutalizing growl. The chorus is also an excellent testament to their combination of brutality and memorability.

"Before My Altar" is Insision's classic live staple and one of my favourite brutal Death Metal-numbers ever. It's more or less their classic sound, just completely perfected within one song.

"My Fever" is also one hell of a song. Once again a typical Insision track, just even more full of great riffs and punishing growls. Carl Birath's effort on the vocals in this one is just unbelievable. He sounds virtually unhuman, growling low as fuck while not losing a single ounce of volume.

Basically, if you haven't gotten it by now, this band is really fucking good. This is some of the best brutal Death Metal available, by one of those bands who give us swedes a hope of getting a decent metal scene again.