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Now THIS is death metal....and it's from Sweden! - 100%

shadowalk, July 4th, 2006

As I read my December 2002 issue of Metal Maniacs for the first time, I was doing a general skim of the magazine and I was going through several pages until something caught my eye on page 36. Probably the reason that it caught my eye was because of the very first sentence in that page which was ‘Formed in 1997, Stockholm’s Insision is the complete antithesis of conventional Swedish death metal.’ I read the entire article then and found out more about the band called Insision. Eventually, I got all psyched up about them and started searching for their debut album called ‘Beneath The Folds Of Flesh’. Unfortunately, finding records of relatively unknown international metal bands is a luxury that many metalheads don’t get to enjoy here in Manila and so I had spend the next few years searching for it. Finally, my search came to an end as I finally obtained a copy of the record just recently and after weeks of headbanging to this death metal monstrosity, here I am to review it.

The article in Metal Maniacs was correct. Insision truly is the antithesis of conventional Swedish death metal. This simply means that those looking for something along the lines of Arch Enemy, The Haunted or Dark Tranquility won’t be very delighted about this record. Fans of old-school death metal, however, prepare to wet your pants for I can proudly say that Insision’s ‘Beneath The Folds Of Flesh’ is the perfect marriage of both Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse! Truth be told! And there’s chock full of stuff here that’s obviously influenced by those two bands as well by other bands in that line of death metal like Suffocation, Malevolent Creation and Deeds Of Flesh. And let’s not forget, these guys are Swedish!

‘Beneath The Folds Of Flesh’ is Inision’s label debut on Wicked World, a subsidiary of Earache. This album is initially what you would expect from the aforementioned bands that it is influenced by. Featuring nine catchy tracks that are quite unique in their own retrospective ways, the album is extremely heavy and quite diverse with tempos that like to play with your in-brain math in the heaviest technical way possible. The guitars are obviously downtuned like there’s no tomorrow to something like A-tuning wielding a gruesome, hair-raising heavy sound accompanied by some gifted soloing and occasional pinch harmonics as Roger Johansson and Toob Brynedal abuse their axes while Thomas Daun's drumming goes from mid-tempo paces to blistering blast beats and ear-pounding double bass. Carl Birath’s guttural vocals truly bring back memories of classics such as Slowly We Rot and Eaten Back To Life. The bass doesn’t fall back here either. In fact, Daniel Ekeroth’s bass is one of the key factors that are keeping the whole record really heavy and evil. All these elements combine to produce one blistering American-styled death metal record of that’s heavy, technical, fast and evil. The production doesn’t let these guys down. All of the instruments are set to their full potential so you can really expect a true musical onslaught here.

The songs are diverse in a way that each song has it own sets of heavy parts in many layers though they all use the same formula to achieve this. In the end, all of them came out as true death metal pieces each designed to send evil chills down our spines. And many of them incorporate sludgy breakdowns in the right parts that makes them heavy and evil fuck in the Morbid Angel way! The subject matter of the songs deals topics like death, anger, hate, H.P. Lovecraft-inspired themes and Satan himself. Standout tracks include the Barnes-fronted Cannibal Corpse-like opener, ‘World Impaled’, the furious speed-driven metalfest ‘Trapped Within’, the Suffocation-like ‘Temple Of Flesh’ and the technical closer ‘Ex Oblivione’. But really, each song has its own unique punch to it and together; they form an amazing headbanger’s paradise of an album. I’m quite happy for the Swedes that they’ve got bands like Insision keeping the spirit of old-school death metal alive in a country overrun by countless melodic death metal acts.

Death metal fans…don’t even think twice. Buy this album right away the moment you see it in a record store. It’s worth your cash, I’m telling you. Hell, this is U.S.-styled death metal that’s better than anything bands such as Morbid Angel and Malevolent Creation have put out in recent years. Actually, right now, they’re my new death metal heroes, hehehe!