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There's a new kid on the block... - 87%

ABHORRED, January 13th, 2003

Insision's debut for Earache / Wicked World, and their fourth altogether (2 independent EPs, and a full length Split CD) stands as one of the most solid albums to come from the genre in quite some time. The first thing I noticed about this CD is the straying away from the current trend of using a horror movie sample at the beginning of every song to distinguish one from another. Such is not the case with "Beneath The Folds of Flesh"...Each song has it's own very unique and individual groove to it, some being a little more memorable than others. Their arrangements are inventive, with very little use of false harmonics and palm muted "chug" riffs as intrinsive parts of the rhythm. The songs are more often than not, propelled by the precise drumwork, and deep growler Carl Birath. The production is very powerful and full, with every instrument coming through loud and clear. The only minor disappointment I had with this album was the re-recording and re-working of some of their older tunes (Before My Altar, Sado God). While the new and "improved" versions sound every bit as crushing in their own way, I still prefer the older ones. To sum it all up, If you like Death Metal...You like Insision. A VERY worthy purchase.