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Astonishing Black Metal - 85%

Basilisk, February 26th, 2007

Sick, raw, primal hatred emoting from these skull-crushing demons. The rhythms occasionally vary in speed, but it is mostly fast-paced and always brutal.

The cover of the album disgusts me quite a bit, but it is somehow majestic in a dark twisted kind of way. It doesn’t seem to be a tasteless joke like a few of the other filthy bands I’ve been noticing of late. It's not generic. This is real black-metal of the pit. Insidious in every way.

There is not much for me to complain about except for the fact that there is not a whole lot of range to the album’s music. But this is black-metal we’re talking about, Insidious Omen live up to my standards of the genre entirely. The vocals, guitars, drums; it's all solid stuff.

This is a great debut album, and I would definitely recommend keeping an eye on this newly spawned band as they seem quite promising. They still remain somewhat elusive; no homepage or anything as of yet. These guys are very underground, but the quality of the album is just fine. You can get the album, as long as it’s available, at