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Super good EP! - 90%

MorbidAtheist666, June 14th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2018, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

Insatanity’s Upon the Ivory Throne is a magnificent EP! Yes, this an extraordinarily good and ultra strong EP. All 21 minutes and 11 seconds of this EP is incredible. It took them a good number of years to release something. I know there’s some uncertain things that they released in 2008. This was released in 2018, so it took them 10 years to release something new. Plus there’s no weirdness about when it was released. I’m glad they officially released this album and it’s super easy to buy off Bandcamp. This EP contains strong songs and one song that’s not impressive. It’s not exactly a perfect EP.

This EP kicks off with some ultra fast sounding drum solo by Gabriel Lewandowski. Wow, he plays super fast on Seeds of Baal! It is due to his drums being triggered. The drum trigger set up is beyond great, but I think I found one minuscule flaw with it. Lewandowski does some cool blast beats on this EP. He has one amazing drum kit and he puts it to phenomenal use. He doesn’t sound as vicious as Matt Mazzenga (he was on the debut full-length album), but that’s not a big deal whatsoever. The drums on this EP are crystal clear. I think the only song where his drums sound a bit off are on Eidolon of the Blind, but it’s only during the first 50 seconds or so of the song. That’s pretty much the only flaw and it’s a real little one. Eidolon of the Blind is not that great of a song anyway. Pretty much he drums like a maniac on all of the other songs I did not mention.

The other instruments are strong on this EP. I dig the guitar distortions used by Scott Zupet and Dustin Bell sound quite sweet. Zupet is the rhythm guitarist and he’s an ultra competent rhythm guitarist. He has recorded some violent sounding guitar riffs on this EP. There’s some sweet tremolo picking going on in the songs. Bell is an awesome lead guitarist. The only time his leads don’t sound so good are on Eidolon of the Blind. The leads sound so boring and monotonous. The rhythm guitar work is okay in that song, nothing to write home about. I’m gonna bring up that song one more time when I talk about the vocals and bass. Anyway, the leads sound quite sick in most of the songs found on this EP. Yes, there are even guitar solos. The guitar solos are great. Their debut album did not feature any guitar solos. Back then they had different guitarists. The guitarists on here are pretty new. The drummer is new as well.

The only member who isn’t new is Chris Lytle. He was originally a bassist and backing vocalist, but now he does bass and lead vocals. He’s quite a great bassist. He uses a nice bright tone for his bass. There’s no fancy schmancy bass work on this EP though. That’s no problem. His death metal vocals are pretty damn good and they sound nice & deep on all of the songs. His best vocals are found on Seeds of Baal, Demons Within Creation and the title track. He doesn’t sound like a demonic monster like the vocalist on the debut album. You can’t understand what he’s vocalizing. It’s not problem. He also uses black metal sounding vocals. They sound reminiscent to the backing vocals found on the debut, except they are not annoying. Oh and you can’t understand his black metal vocals. He sounds awesome on all of the songs, even on Eidolon of the Blind. Hell, even his bass playing is good on that dud.

It sounds like they put in a lot of effort into Upon the Ivory Throne. I remember when I read about it, I was stoked for it. I bought it off Bandcamp. That’s the perfect place if you want to download it. I was happy to support the band and the Pathologically Explicit label. Worth buying? Yes! There may be one dud on this album, but that’s not a problem. You might like it! I thought it could have been better. Other than that, it’s a magnificent album!