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Gonna need gallons of lube for this one - 93%

Xlxlx, March 1st, 2016

Just..... Fucking hell, one only needs to look at this beauty's cover to know exactly what he's getting into; a dark, intense journey, powered by all things SATAN. And indeed, this is some of the most rabid, diabolical death/thrash ever conceived. If the most savage incarnation of Kreator, early Deicide, and Sadus got stitched together into an unholy, shrieking beast, Walpurgis - Sabbath of Lust is exactly what you'd get.

Truly, the Inquisitor guys took many hints from the diaper days of death metal, back when the style was mostly just very violent, putrid thrash. While Walpurgis does wallow in the darkness and brutality inherent to death metal, it's generally devoid of the more twisted songwriting that has come to be one of its main characteristics. Discounting a few exceptional moments, the band mostly sticks to two tempos; "very fast" and "my eyeballs are receding into my skull from the speed". The drums pummel and blast with an, at best, vague understanding of restraint, and the guitar work consists mainly of a combination of palm muted and tremolo riffs scientifically designed to dislodge the listener's cranial unit from his thorax, but a special mention must be reserved for the vocals, in all of their throat-ravaging glory. Alex Wesdijk's pipes sound wretched and corroded in all the best ways, like the missing link between Darren Travis and David DiSanto, complete with horrific, "the human throat doesn't work like that" quasi-falsetto screams. More standard growls can also be heard from time to time, but their use is very sparse and mostly present to emphasize a particular section, and the same goes for leads, which mostly manifest as brief explosions of frantic melody amongst a sea of thrashing madness. This is a record dominated by the rhythm guitar and the drums, with the vocals raging like wildfire on top of the whole thing.

Picking highlights is almost an exercise in futility, as Inquisitor's first and only album is a remarkably consistent assault on the senses, although it could be argued that some of the pieces are especially representative of what Walpurgis is all about. "Damnation for the Holy" sets the tone for the whole thing with its intro shriek and nearly constant blasting, showing off all of the band's strengths in just four minutes, and it's followed by "Consuming Christ", which compensates for its extremely brief duration by being possibly the most uncompromisingly violent song on display (not like it doesn't have a lot of competition, though). "Fallen Missionary" also gets a mention for its excellent inclusion of black metal style tremolos, plus a sudden transition into a whammy driven, perfectly headbangable riff towards the three minute mark. The eponymous closer, "Inquisitor", takes everything that makes Sabbath of Lust great and cranks it up to eleven by adding more of a regular death metal flavour, its crushing rhythms and bigger abundance of deep growls acting as icing on the demonic cake. Nevetheless, it bears repeating that the album as a whole is exceptional, and not a single song flies by without contributing to the demented experience.

Even the Satanic aesthetic works like a charm, most likely thanks to the band's palpable passion for the music they play. It's easy to make odes to the Lord Baphomet and anti-Christian rants sound kitschy and forced, what with being one of the most overrepresented topics in all of metal, but Inquisitor pull it off by virtue of their sheer not-giving-a-fuckness. For instance, here's a fragment from the first verse of the closer:

"I'm the inquisition, the Bible is my vision
I'm blessed by the Lord to succeed in my mission
Those who resist, holy violence they'll taste
I'm saving God's earth with the lives that I waste
Destroying what's evil by Christian hate
The ultimate sadist, defender of faith"

Nothing too out of the ordinary for metal, all things considered. That is, save for the astronomic amounts of vitriol which happen to back these lyrics. The fury and hatred present in the music is so palpable and feels so genuine that it seeps into them, helping to make the outfit feel less like a bunch of cunts rallying against the church from their basement and more like supremely pissed off agents of the Dark One. It's not often that the music works to the lyrics' advantage rather than the other way around, so it ought to be appreciated when it happens.

Walpurgis - Sabbath of Lust is a sadly obscure gem, created by a band that should've done so, so much more. Stomping into the scene with a monster to rival monoliths such as Legion and Pleasure to Kill in staying power and pure, unrestrained crazy is not a feat equalled by many, and must be respected as such. If you're even the slightest bit interested in death and thrash metal, then go get this, not matter what it takes; pillage and plunder for it, if possible. Satan will surely approve.

Death/thrash holocaust!!! - 90%

JakeDevil, August 9th, 2004

(un)Holy fuck!!! This album took me by surprise. What we have hear is fucking fast death/thrash metal in the vein of Sadus, but faster. Drumming on the album is really great with fucking thunderous blast beats and furious double bass drumming. Riffing is a very fast chainsaw-style with demonic leads that seem to burst out from the darkest pits of hell. Songs are pretty catchy and evil with Satanic lyrical content. The vocalist...shit, this guy is fucking awesome! Rarely do you hear a guy with a vocal range this wide. He reminds me a little of Darren Travis from Sadus, but has more variation than Travis. This guy can do growling and then go to King Diamond-like high screams. It's the vocals that make this recording even more evil sounding. The only guy that I can recall having range this wide is that guy from Psycroptic. This album is hard to find these days, but if you're as lucky as I was and find this from used cd shop, don't pass it by. You'll be blown away by its impact!!!