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Inquisitor > Walpurgis - Sabbath of Lust > Reviews
Inquisitor - Walpurgis - Sabbath of Lust

Death/thrash holocaust!!! - 90%

JakeDevil, August 9th, 2004

(un)Holy fuck!!! This album took me by surprise. What we have hear is fucking fast death/thrash metal in the vein of Sadus, but faster. Drumming on the album is really great with fucking thunderous blast beats and furious double bass drumming. Riffing is a very fast chainsaw-style with demonic leads that seem to burst out from the darkest pits of hell. Songs are pretty catchy and evil with Satanic lyrical content. The vocalist...shit, this guy is fucking awesome! Rarely do you hear a guy with a vocal range this wide. He reminds me a little of Darren Travis from Sadus, but has more variation than Travis. This guy can do growling and then go to King Diamond-like high screams. It's the vocals that make this recording even more evil sounding. The only guy that I can recall having range this wide is that guy from Psycroptic. This album is hard to find these days, but if you're as lucky as I was and find this from used cd shop, don't pass it by. You'll be blown away by its impact!!!