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Inquinok's Immortal Dawn - 78%

MystifyXD, April 5th, 2010

Inquinok is my first try, ever, to US black metal. The first thing that struck me is that is sounds like Emperor, minus the rawness. The production, as I’ve noticed, is quite clear, with audible bass, and the symphonic parts are sometimes just an accessory to the music. Quite old-fashioned, if you ask me, but at least, they’ve put a little of their touch here.

The musicianship is professional. The drumming is essentially fast, but it still sounds clean. Riffs are quite minimalist, which is quite natural for a black metal record, but some solos that suit the song’s mood exist, but only on some songs. The rasps on this record go smoothly with the rest of the instruments and it sounds as cold as the northern winds.

The intro song, “Legions”, is quite good, especially the opening riffs, although the next song is somewhat a rip-off. “Triumphant”, though, is the only complete waste of time that I shouldn’t have listened to at all. Meanwhile, “Candlelight”, the album’s only interlude, stands out for its melancholic atmosphere, and it is also a break to all the fast symphonic black metal; better as an intro though. The title track is hell of a song. It sounds melancholic yet explosive. “Bloodlines” is the only song here that sounds quite different. It has little melancholy, if not none. Besides, it has an eerie intro. Lastly, “Divine Tragedy” is the most woeful song in the bunch, which made me listen to it again and again.

I’ve noticed that a lot of songs in this album have a ‘stopping point’, where the music slows down and regains its speed eventually. I think that they shouldn’t have used that style in all of those songs, if they don’t want their fans to get tired of their music. Also, their music sounds quite the same all over, which left my mind with memorable part whatsoever, especially if you aren’t listening that carefully. All these guys need are more diversity and more originality, but hey, US black metal isn’t as bad as I thought after all!

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