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Avarage Funeral Doom - 50%

lordazmolozmodial, December 5th, 2011

Funeral doom metal is a rare genre of metal music in the Middle East and today was a surprise for me to know that Innzmouth (the funeral doom metal band from Syria) has released a single, "Beneath the Darksome Waters", despite of all the problems that have been taking a place in that country.

The production of the music is glassy and grim, but fragile, and the sounds of the instruments suffer like waves through the middle of a storm. The bass and the drums are inaudible and the lead guitars take the whole role here. The vocals are so annoying actually because the crispy vocals here lack the existence of variation, the screams and the spitting words are too airy, and this thing sends bullets through the ears.

The track list:
01 - The Madness From The Sea
02 - Requiem...

The track "The Madness From The Sea" starts well, but the diversity of the melodies is lost and wasted. The track "Requiem..." features better songwriting, but l still notice the same problem with the vocals here, though the use of many vocal layers reduce the problem a bit. I like this track more than the first because the melodies are better and fit perfectly with the atmosphere and lyrical themes.

"What have become of those who had lived among the shadows of creation?
Their eyes lost their glow. They look but they're blind, longing for
their past prosperity."

It's extremely hard to find this genre in the Middle East, but Innzmouth from Syria has created this sound for everyone. This short single of two tracks doesn't show us the real musical face of these guys because only one track has gotten my attention, so I am looking forward for more releases from them, and again this genre is not recommended to those who are looking for thrashing and speeding headbanging music. This genre is recommended only to those who are addicted to the atmospheric and underground music around the world.

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