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Bringing back the glory days of Celtic Frost - 80%

grave_violator_91, June 4th, 2007

Inner Sanctum-Frozen Souls

There are the great riffs and the drumming is incredible. This isn't the generic death metal you will usually hear, the rhythm stays pretty consistent throughout the whole album. The vocals sound exactly like Thomas G. Warrior, I'm not exaggerating he sounds that good and usually he will raise his pitch which is such a daring move but really pays off at the end. The riffs are pieces of artwork which will make any skilled guitarist have a hard time to figure out what he is playing. The recording is very clear and one of the few death metal albums I heard with a lot of bass.

There is maybe a couple of things that would disappoint the "average" death metal listener. In some songs there is a part where they let everything ring out and a female voice sings one line of the song, or there would be female vocals backing the vocalist. The other thing that would disappoint is that they add some keyboards to the song, but it's not too much. To me these things make this album even more enjoyable, but to another listener this would make the album a waste of money.

There is one song that is alright but isn't the best.
"someone super like you"
The beginning takes the same riff from "infernal death" and sorta speeds it up, but after awhile it slows down and just stays at the same tempo for the rest of the song.

In conclusion: This is a really good album. But if you don't like the idea of having female vocals from time to time or the keyboards lasting over 10 seconds, don't get this album.