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Inner Sanctum - Metric Genesis - 94%

Edmund Sackbauer, September 10th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Independent

There is quite a bunch of bands having chosen the name Inner Sanctum so let’s start this review by clarifying that we are talking about a Melodic Death Metal combo hailing from Freiburg/Germany. Existing since 2005 “Metric Genesis” is their third full-length album keeping the 5 years rhythm of their releasing schedule intact.

Already during the first minute of opener “Machine Made God” it becomes obvious that what we got here is very solid slab of Melodic DM in the vein of older Dark Tranquility or In Flames. The riffing is spot-on offering a fantastic range of powerful chords and melodic elements that are contrasting each other. There a lot of short melodic sections giving each song an own identity. The 2 guitarists perfectly know their instruments and also get the possibility to show their skills. That being said while there are some impressive solo parts they never go overboard but always embed these melodic pieces into the overall song.

The drumming is tight and thankfully not too technical. Instead accents are implemented where they make the most sense but the main job of the rhythm section is to build the backbone of the music and this is the case here. However, in case the songwriting asks for it the drumming can get ferocious with some blast-beat sections sprinkled over the record.

Talking about the songwriting I need to take my hat off to Inner Sanctum. These guys understood that most passive consumers prefer stringent songs and a clear structure. Diversion is important but most of the time should naturally be woven into the single tracks. Most of the songs on “Metric Genesis” offer a great variation of straight-forward heavy hitting riffs and more harmonic sections. In some parts the intensity is ramped up and up before the song takes a turn following up with a more mellow interlude. These elements also add a lot to the atmosphere of the whole album which is another important factor for that kind of music.

Singer Kolai has a great tone with his growling being aggressive but also easily understandable. There are no clean sections or over-the-top screaming parts to be found. I for one prefer this approach as it makes the flow of the album feel more stringent. In case the songwriting is as classy as here such elements are not needed to keep the music interesting.

The production is pretty much flawless with a lot of punchiness and power. The mix is clear with all instruments being perfectly audible. The guitars are crunchy and the drums do not sound too sterile. Rounded off by a dark and dystopian artwork fitting the music like a glove “Metric Genesis” is an excellent and highly professional album that while not totally revolutionary or innovative should give this band a significant boost. They clearly deserve it.