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A decent debut! - 67%

Nightrunner, August 5th, 2009

Bollnäs United? A new football team, eh? Nope. I am talking about the new project called Inmoria. Members from two of Sweden’s (and generally in metal) best bands Morgana Lefay and Tad Morose, is now under one flag in the same band. Only that sounds interesting enough! I’ve read statements telling that this is “dark power metal” and so on. And yeah, I guess that is a pretty good genre-description. This is not that fast, melodic Power Metal with more keyboards than guitars like bands in the vein of Sonata Arctica. Neither is it the kind of Power Metal in the very technical vein of bands like Nevermore. I think Inmoria has got a pretty own identity actually, even if the music, and especially the riffing isn’t really original and is mostly simple. If i’m saying a mix between Angel Dust, PAIN and a bit of Morgana Lefay (mostly because of the shared vocalist) – i’m pretty sure that i’m getting connections with Inmoria.

What we get here musicwise is basic, heavy riffs often played in mid-tempo with keyboards that lay in there to make a nice and gloomy atmosphere over it all. On top of this Charles Rytkönen’s raspy and personal vocals delivering catchy-as-hell melodies. It sounds rocking, you may think. But the biggest problem with this album is that it’s so damn monotone! The riffs starts to sound the same after a while, the actual build-up of the songs starts to feel the same. Many of the songs go in the direction of: intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-a moment of sound effects-chorus. Looking for guitarsolos? Sorry, not many. “Circle Of Memories” does have both guitar and keyboard solo, but that’s about it. So basically, there’s not room on this CD for any drastic tempo changes nor interludes. No variation...and that doesn’t work for a whole album when the base-ground of the songs is pretty much all the same. Another big problem is what I’d like to call the “modern sound-effects” that haunts in some of the songs. They are not on for so long these effect, but just the little of it makes me angry. I don’t really see at all WHY they put these sounds on the disc, it does not belong in metal. Mainstream-ish shit. The worst example is the beginning of “Circle of Memories” which sounds like some converted disco-sound. Others effects can be found in “Will To Live”, “The Other Side” and middlesection of “Alone” as best examples. An abomination that I hope will be gone on their future albums. On the album’s more positive side we have the crunchy and clear sound of the guitars, which does fit greatly in the overall atmosphere of Inmoria. Vocalist Charles Rytkönen does a splendid job as usual, and I hope he will continue to sing with the band, as he is very important ingredient for them. Among the songs I have my favourites in the heavy smasher “Come Insanity” (with ‘hit-warning’ stamped in it’s way), “As I Die” with it’s fuckin’ great chorus, the sad feeling that hangs over in “Fantasy”. Cool riffing combined with the keyboards. And also the ‘little brother’ to Come Insanity, “Haunting Shadows” with very similar main riff and verses, but with a female singing the chorus.

Inmoria has created an absolutely OK debut-album here, but it has it’s flaws and all these “modern sound-effects” I mentioned that are threwn in here and there are really unnecessary, and adds a relatively big minus to the album. The album cannot at all come up in the standards of the members other bands, the bigger brothers Tad Morose and Morgana Lefay. But, “Invisible Wounds” will perhaps enlight you a bit if you’re looking for some heavy, gloomy and riff-based metal with great vocals on. There’s some good songs on here, but there is a need for some more variation and development. Hell, even the lyrics are gruesomely monotonous, with certain words and lines repeated to it’s max at times! If this general monotone feeling will be fixed in Inmoria’s music with some more album(s) in the bag, then these guys can surely reach for the higher ratings.

3 best songs: “Come Insanity” – “As I Die” – “Haunting Shadows”

Dark Power Metal. - 63%

Empyreal, July 9th, 2009

The guys from Tad Morose haven't exactly been too active lately, have they? Well, except for Urban Breed, I guess...that last Bloodbound was just jaw-droppingly good. And, come to think of it, Morgana Lefay have been tragically inactive as of late, haven't they? Well, luckily for us, some of the guys from Tad Morose formed this project called Inmoria, with the vocal talents of the inimitable Jon Oliva on steroids known as Charles Rytkonen aiding to the demented nature of the whole thing.

So how good is Invisible Wounds, anyway? It's not too shabby. The band really succeeds on a lot of the songs here at creating a totally merciless, insane atmosphere that will make you cry for your mother faster than they can finish a song. I guess without Urban Breed the Tad Morose guys lost some of the killer atmosphere present on those albums, but they try their best to cover that up with a heaving, muscular wall of sonic steel that ends up being quite punishing and unforgiving. It's not anything too spectacular, but it does sound pretty good, and the guitar tone really kills, too. Check out slabs of filth like "Come Insanity," "Alone," "Fantasy" (boasting some cool backing vocals) and "As I Die" for the best this act can do, with ballsy as fuck guitar mongering and vocals that are as creepy as they are powerful.

Now, the downside here is the somewhat out of place and uneasy electronic influence that creeps in on some of the later tracks on here. I don't really know what they were thinking - mainstream appeal? Were they really going for radio play? I don't know, guys, but Mr. Rytkonen's voice really isn't suited for these kinds of commercialisms. I mean, they even have him doing a duet with a female singer. It just doesn't really work. None of the songs on here are flat out bad, but a lot of them are hindered by the often silly and unnecessary outside elements, and it hurts the score. This album is pretty good, but it could be better.

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