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Best death metal EP Ever - 90%

BroodleBrain, March 11th, 2010

After Iniquity released their debut full-length “Serenadium”, the band went through some lineup changes with Jesper Frost Jensen being the only one left over from that era. Although he didn’t record on drums for the debut he would be the only one to stay with the band throughout its later discography. While “Serenadium” is seen by many as their best release, I think this EP out does it. In the end this band never could best this release as later full-length’s like “Five Across the Eyes” and “Grime” are sterile and less dynamic.

The “Hidden Lore” is chock full of impressive riff work and drumming. The opening riff to “Notable Diversity” will get your head banging while the well done yet sporadic blasting is sprinkled in at all the right places. Stylistically this release is like Serenadium and then some. All four songs have a little more beef too them, while the riffs are a bit more technical than its predecessor. There is not one boring riff to be found on this release. Could the band have kept up this pace and song writing effort for a whole album? Maybe, but that’s not the point here, this is quite simply the best death metal EP outdoing “Despise the Sun” and Incantation’s “The Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish”.