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I felt the bullets breath, and it was awesome - 90%

MrVJ, June 4th, 2007

"Denmark isn’t exactly famous when it comes to death metal, but it’s quite obvious that their best band has to be Iniquity, even if they only released just a handful of material. In fact, I’ve never heard a more dominating force in the death metal scene than Iniquity when they were around, but sadly, they broke up a few years ago and that tragic blow still hits me hard, especially when listening to “Grime”.

There’s already been some reviews done for Iniquity’s albums, such as Serenadium and Iniquity Bloody Iniquity, even if the last one is just a giant compilation of all their work. However, I feel that I am reviewing the best one yet, and that is “Grime”. Everything just feels so much faster and heavier than their previous efforts, and it just flat out kicks you in the balls and steals your lunch money, but instead of fuming with rage and wanting to splatter that bastard’s head against the wall, you’re actually rather welcome to the idea of letting this band and album continuously beat you to a bloody pulp. It’s just a marauding force of meaty death metal riffs with devastating deep growls and drumming to match.

Now, don’t get me wrong, “Serenadium” and “Five Across The Eyes” are a killer albums, but “Grime” is just one of those discs that you can’t help but want to snap your neck due to excessive headbanging, plus I’m more of a fan of the faster and more brutal death metal, so it immediately appeals to my tastes. Songs like “Thawed for Breeding” and “The Bullets Breath” show the band at their absolute peak of brutality.

One of the best aspects of this album has to be the vocals, because this band has had one of the best growlers in existence, and I don’t think anybody will be able to ever replace Mads Haarlev and what he has created. There really is no stupid analogy that can be made to say how good he is, and not to mention his quickness in spitting out lyrics. Another incredible attribute about this album and band is that it’s just not constant blastbeats and double bass drumming. Each song has it’s own unique formula and Jesper really stuck it to us all. It’s completely well throughout brutal death metal with musically technical orgasms strewn about, and when you hear it, you really hear it.

On a whole, everything is just top-notch. I’m one of those people who think “if you can’t headbang to it, then why listen to it?” And this album just tosses that elitist attitude around like a rag doll after some hot steamy man-on-album sex. The tracks that really fucking stand out to me would have to be “The Bullets Breath”, “Thawed for Breeding”, “Poets of the Trench (Part I & II)”, “Bloodletting”, and “Spawn of the Abscess”. It’s songs like that that will make Iniquity forever legendary in my book.

Seriously, if you’re a fan of death metal of any kind, I would highly recommend… no, fuck that, I would ORDER you to go buy the masterpiece that is called “Grime”. Iniquity, you have stolen my heart once again.

One day, Iniquity, one day you will reunite to play some metal festivals, and when you do, I will be the first one there to break my neck to whatever it is you’ll be playing (oh god, I hope so)."

Originally written for Global Domination: