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Iniquity-Grime - 85%

Headbangingcorpse, September 5th, 2004

This album is awesome. I was a bit surprised when I popped this into my cd player. Being that most brutal death metal is extremely complex and hard to comprehend when you first hear it, this was different. It's fully packed with very fast guitar, but with somewhat technical melodic tunes to it, so you can get into to it. The drummer barely ever stops playing the bass drum, except at the temporary slow parts in the album. The vocals are extremely gutteral, actually, more gutteral than usual. It's impossible to understand him without the lyrics, but if you read along, you'll probably be able to stay with him.

There are some kick-ass catchy songs with very catchy beats, such as my favorite, "Bullets Breath". It starts out with just fast guitar, and then the drums kick in and the brutality begins. It's a great song to play on a boom box and blast in your house. Also, track 9 has a nice beat you can headbang too as well.

Downsides to Grime are the production was flabby, and the bass drum sounded flappy, and gets annoying after sometime. Also, there are some songs on this that just suck, and you can tell they are running out of good ideas. But, with technical fast guitar, brutal drumming, and low growls, it's not a bad idea to check them out.