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What happened? - 70%

ABHORRED, April 15th, 2003

Ok, now granted...Not every band can consistently top themselves, but Iniquity have always been the Cadillac of Danish Death Metal; Heavy and well appointed. Their first three releases are nothing short of classics if you ask me.

Thus, I had extremely high expectations for this disc. Let's just say I was a little bit disappointed. Allow me to explain further.

I popped this in and was greeted with an immediate frenzy of blasts and the archetypical Iniquity riff, which is essentially harmonic laden and raw as hell. I thought to myself "Wow, this is good". And it was. The next song 'The Bullet's Breath' (Which happens to be my favorite) further reinforced my feeling that album was going to be a tour de force of brutality. The next song followed in suit, and the album was still going strong....

But then, something went horribly wrong....

Bloodletting went by without even one of those moments that are so common on Iniquity albums where you want to rewind and replay over and over again. I was now thinking "Ok, maybe that was just the album's token bad song". I was wrong. The next I don't know how many tracks went by and not one riff, not one single drumroll, not one single vocal flourish did jump out at me and force me to take notice. They aren't all bad, just not up to the standards set by 'Serenadium' or 'Five Across the Eyes'.

In short, this album blows it's load way too quickly and leaves you wanting that kick in the face the first few songs provided. But it never comes. On a good note, though...The release has a great production, and every instrument comes in loud and clear. I'm not talking 'great' as in crystalline and pretty, but I mean 'great' as in gritty and very aggressive.

Bottom line: While this does have it's redeeming qualities, such as the first three songs (Which are beyond godly) and a killer mix....
You could probably do without this one unless you're a diehard fan.
Seek out 'Five Across the Eyes' instead, and get killed.