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death metal the way it should be! - 90%

Soth, December 17th, 2004

Lets start with saying that I'm normally pretty picky when it comes to death metal, but Iniquity has sure made a great album here.

The production is clear and very powerful, yet raw and aggressive as hell, which suits the rather complex music very well. Personally Ive grown sick of the whole blastbeat-or no beat death metal, but Instead of just blasting away Iniquity has made a very varied album packed with melodic leads, guttural growls, skillful musicianship, groove and catchy hooks, all served nicely in rather complex songstructures with lots of rhytm-changes and breaks.
Recommended if you like downtuned technical deathmetal played the oldschool way with a modern production and WITHOUT the shitty overtriggered drums which is ruining so much metal these days!!!

Iniquity has always been in the better end of the scale when it comes to danish death metal, and this release doesn't change that fact. HAIL INIQUITY