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Five Across The Eyes is complete annihilation. - 94%

FiveAcrossTheEyes, November 10th, 2006

When I first listened to the Iniquity cd "Five Across The Eyes", I was stunned, talent wise. As the cd was being played, I noticed insane and technical guitar riffs at a brutal style. I instantly fell in love. On the second track of the cd, entitled "Surgical Orb", you witness a catchy riff, insane drumming, and great musician work by the four members in Iniquity. The lyrics can be closely related to any Cannibal Corpse cd out there, seeing that some of Iniquity's lyrics are showing violence, such as the track "Surgical Orb".

Listening further into this cd, you have your main course of Brutal-ness, with a side of mad guitar solos. This just goes to show that you don't have to be a popular band just to be "good". The track "Reminiscene" will suprise most Death metal fans, if you are listening to this cd for the first time. Piano playing, harmony, and female voices make up this (just over one minute) song. I don't know if this song was intended as a real song, or just as a filler song, but the brutal music doesn't simply stop when you hear this song. The following songs on the album are sheer deadliness.

On the track "The Rigormortified Grip", I was stunned, and had found my top favorite song. This song still remains my favorite song these days. A brutal into leads to immediate talented, brutal, and crazy guitar riffs, again with the pummeling drumming. The guitar riff in this song is probably the most catchiest guitar riff in my opinion, due to how much Iniquity uses harmonics, not only on this song, but on the entire album.

It's like finding the needle in the haystack. Searching for a very good Death metal band that isn't popular is pretty hard to find. In this case, "Five Across The Eyes" is finding that needle in the haystack. Any Death metal fan would not be disappointed upon listening to this awesome album.