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Your Demise Is In Space - 87%

Skarnek, December 7th, 2012

Here we have a top-shelf contemporary death metal album, chocked full of technicality, speed, and bonecrushing groove; minus the boring overabundance of "slams". Much like godly titans Suffocation, the mix of everything to keep the listener interested is balanced in a very enjoyable and surprisingly fluid way- given the breakneck nature of the overall sonic experience. There are a couple aspects of this album that truly stand out from the rest of today's crop.

Vocalist Obie Flett has a distinct tone somewhat akin to a very thick burlap sack getting torn slowly into pieces inside a warehouse under an industrial fan, all the while blended with the tearer's empty stomach growling ravenously over the disturbing racket. This is most likely the weirdest analogy you have ever read regarding a vocalist's timbre...but my imagination ran away with itself upon hearing this guy. It takes a bit of getting used to, yet it goes so well with the next standout aspect I shall mention.

For a sound as disgusting as Inherit Disease possesses, the cavernous bleakness and sci-fi lyrical theme/cover-art serve as a very standout asset to the band's arsenal. There's no entrails hanging from chandeliers to be found here, but a feeling of outer-space desolation and horror. They truly do have a lot going for them, as their mood (which is something I look deeply into when listening to modern extreme metal, since most of today's bands lack any sort of mood whatsoever; in lieu of technicality) is greatly representative of this very tidbit of character. Technicality is a very prominent aspect here, yet somehow in the beautiful mess that is their songwriting; they do not come off as a "tech-death" band. What we have here, dear lovers of the disturbing and cacophonous, is a very fun, enjoyable, and soon to be classic collection of identifiable death metal canticles of doom. Put on your Alien: Resurrection DVD on mute, and slip into the dark...