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Killer demo from this Polish horde!!! - 85%

dismember_marcin, October 15th, 2010

Well, damn me if you will, but I just got really cool demo CD to review and one more time I need to say that the present metal scene is just spoiling me - how many great bands are there?? How many great recordings will they do?? Inglorious, whose demo I just listened and am about to review, is Polish new black metal hope... I write “new”, even though the band was formed in 2002, but just only recently they managed to solve all their line up problems and got some songs ready. In 2007 they did the first three-song demo and recently in March 2010 at Chinook Studio Inglorious managed to put the tracks for another demo... Finally they decided to release both materials on this CD, giving it a title "Death Syndrome".

Three years between both demos is probably the main reason why Inglorious sounds so different on each of them. So, "Death Syndrome" must be divided on two (uneven, to be honest) parts. Both demos are black metal of course, but tracks 5-7, so the older ones, are just more primitive, rawer and well... they're simply not so good. Especially sound wise they lack a bit. Inglorious have been playing pretty monotonous music then and honestly didn't have much to offer. When I listen to their old vocalist, Lord of Chaos and when I compare him to the new guy, T., I have no doubts that the decision to change the screamer was right. Generally the first demo ain't that bad, there are some good tunes in it, but nothing to get really excited about.

New Inglorious songs are the main reason for me to get "Death Syndrome" and listen to it frequently. After a short intro you'll get a blast in your face, a massive strike of furious, murderous, extreme black metal in the vein of the most popular at the present hordes, such as 1349, Watain and Ondskapt... Maybe even the recent Marduk albums. Basically the tempo doesn't slow down here too much, but the main attention is putted on the atmosphere - dark, diabolic and sinister. Sometimes Inglorious may play bit more melodic part, but all that time the extremity is here. "Come For Death" is an awesome example... perfectly fast and furious anthem, which I dare to day could even equal the „Beyond the Apocalypse” LP. „Rotting Corpse of Humanity” is bit slower, but again kills with amazing riffing - it's probably my favourite song on this demo! „The New Beast of Apocalypse” has bit of everything; you'll get here blasts, as well as bit more dynamic, slower parts, but again - what a damn great song!

T's vocals are just great. This guy has a lunatic voice, his parts are well diverse and not monotonous, with many different scales of scream... His voice is very similar to what you can hear on the albums of those Swedish bands I mentioned above... And trust me, T's voice is brilliant. Sound quality of the main part of "Death Syndrome" is also excellent; I can't say anything bad about it and if you think that you must go to Necromorbus to get such a sound, listen to Inglorious. That wall of sound will crush you and send your remains straight to hell.

Uh yeah. Have you noticed that I cannot find anything wrong on the second demo of Inglorious? Yeap, I just think it's brilliant and almost perfect. Sure, while listening to "Death Syndrome" you must survive these old songs 5-7, or you can just skip them, but the 2010 recording is definitely one of the best black metal demos I've heard from Poland and world. This band has a bright future ahead and already could be placed in the same category with Mgła and Massemord – league with Satan. Keep an eye on them then!