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Best Ingested Album - 90%

CosmicChrisTV, December 2nd, 2019
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Century Media Records

Ingested is one of my favorite deathcore bands. They don't just do the usual djent trash that most deathcore does. They are influenced by brutal death metal a lot more than actual hardcore. Because of this, they definitely stand out in the deathcore scene. This album is the best one they have made and I'm here to tell you why.

The instrumentation is very brutal death metal inspired as I stated already. This means they're not just using djent and breakdowns. They're using a lot tremolo riffs, chromatic notes, but also breakdowns. I am a huge fan of breakdowns, but only when they're done correctly. These breakdowns are done correctly. The bass doesn't play any different from the guitar. The drums are very complex, which is a huge plus.

The vocalist is amazing. He does a lot different vocal techniques. This includes techniques such as high screams, low growls, tunnel throats, gutturals, and mid growls. As someone who has been trying to do deathcore vocals for a few years, I can definitely appreciate the effort that goes into this style of harsh vocals. Also, the vocalist has a bit of a unique voice when it comes to mid growls specifically. That's not something I say very often. The technique he performs the best is definitely the tunnel throats.

Let's talk about the production though. This is legitimately the chunkiest guitar tone I have ever heard in my life. And of all genres, I find it in a deathcore album. That is a feat to be sure. The production is very well done, which I would expect from a deathcore album. The drums sound literally perfect. I can't really hear the bass all that well, but the chunky guitar tone makes up for that.

That was my review of this album. Definitely the best album Ingested has made so far. The best things about this album are the vocals and the guitar tone. The drums are also pretty damn awesome. I don't think that there is a single complaint I have about this album. Usually, I can find at least one thing to nitpick, but not this time. This album is just too good. My favorite track is The Divine Right Of Kings.