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Cool Drumming, Bro! - 59%

tentornasunder, November 12th, 2011

This is Ingested's first full length release, and for what it is, it can be easily enjoyed, but hard to really dive into. The music found within is pretty easy to sum up in a few paragraphs, and as such this will be a short review.

This album isn't unenjoyable by any means- it is in fact quite entertaining every once in a great while. The drums are insanely fast, but that is pretty much where the appeal ends for this record. The guitarists and the bassist do nothing notable throughout the whole play time. It's all crunchy mid paced grooves and tremelo picked riffs. The vocalist has a good growl, and can go to extreme lows, but he also pulls off a few pig squeals and that for me destroys any merit he may have had.

Now the drummer, and the reason I listen to this at all really, can play at maximum speeds. This is all good in a metal context, but there are two flaws; one, he is a classic example of a one-trick pony. Without double bass and blast beats, he really would just fade. And two, his drums sound like complete shit. They are outrageously over triggered and just sound like someone tapping a coffee can lid as fast as they can. There is no organic sound or rumble to his kit, just obvious samples.

So yes, this album is fun to listen to, and can be used to shock people with the super duper cool drums. There is no lack of credibility, because these guys can actually play, but this record just falls into an ocean of typical death core sounding metal you've heard a thousand times. Pick it up if you find it used and enjoy some ridiculous drumming.

My favorite song would have to be Pre Released Foetal Mush.