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This is MEATY! - 77%

Ally_2K10, January 6th, 2010

This is a band I stumbled across in the deep, dark depths of myspace, maybe you've heard of it? Anyway, this is round about half an hour of thee sickest and nastiest stuff to come out of the UK for a while I imagine. As soon as you read the song titles, it doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Anyway, it all kicks off with the aptly named 'Skinned and Fucked', which starts with the most rediculas blasting and a solid riff. The vocals kick in, which I feel are a real highlight on the album, and then you know the CD isn't just all bark, its got a real mean bite aswell. The vocals on the CD are the best part for me, Ranging from the standard growl, to real low gutturals, with the occasional shriek and ofcourse, everyones old favourite, theres a few pig squeels in here and there.

There's one or two problems with the album however. I think the guitar is too quite, and are over powered by the drums. The bass, as is nearly always the case, is pretty much inaudable, which being a bassist, is a bit of a bummer. The guitar riffs are something that I feel could have maybe been a bit better, but its a brutal, slamming album so alot of the riffs are more chugging with some groove, but I felt that they could maybe be slightly better. And as is mostly the case with brutal death scene, it follows the tried and tested blast, slam, blast, slam formula, which I don't mind.

The drumming, while it's so fast, it is triggered to FUCK! It sounds like a machine, it honestly doesn't sound like a guy playing at all. I'm pretty sure the other guys who reviewed this CD would have touched on it aswell. I feel it's a shame because the guys obviously very talented. The guys like Usain Bolt on drums!

All in, I think is album is a good listen, I've listened to it several times, and still enjoy it. If you like the manky lyrics (and who doesn't?), slamming riffs and drums that quite frankly could give you bowel movements, I'd give these guys a whirl. If you like Devourment or even Waking The Cadaver, give them a bash.

Key tracks: Skinned and Fucked, Intercranial Semen Injection, Condemned to Rape, Anal Evisceration